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Christian & Christmas Flute Music


Linda Metz

flutist, singer, songwriter, arranger

performing a blend of classical, folk, improvisational and ethnic styles

using silver flute, American Indian flutes, penny whistle 

baritone ukulele, synthesizer, whistling and vocals

Christian & Christmas Flute Music

CD Baby now has Linda's Refreshing CD and A High Flutin' Christmas CD!


The concept of "Most High Music" has been at work in Linda Metz for a long time. Early in her music career the kinds of comments she received about her playing pertained to two things: a healing quality and a heavenward quality. Linda says that her greatest joy with music has always been in giving it to others and seeing them respond to the One behind the music. The name "Most High Music" was inspired "through a dream . . . in which I was instructed to open my Bible to Psalm 87. Upon waking, as I read this Psalm and pondered the mystery of citizenship in heaven, the words 'Most High' jumped off the page. Immediately the phrase "Most High Music" came out of my mouth. It was the perfect description of what I feel when I play my flute. The last verse of the Psalm clinched it for me: 'Then those who sing as well as those who play the flutes shall say, All my springs of joy are in you.'" For these springs of joy, and for the belief that music is one of God's powerful tools for touching our lives, Linda dedicates her talent, her music, and this website. 

A Few Comments About Her Music

From a wife and mom, "Linda's playing gets inside you and chokes you up."

From a music director, "Her music is a long drink of cool water. Her speaking is every bit as satisfying. She's a musician's musician, one of the finest and most original I've ever heard. Her concert was an experience my choir talked about for weeks afterward."

From a senior citizen, "That's just plumb pretty!"

And from her first music teacher, her mother, regarding the new Christmas CD, "That's the prettiest music I've ever heard!"

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